Going West to go due North

As May approaches we look forward to the next road trip. This time we used air miles with our favourite airline to get flights to San Fransisco where we pick up the truck and head up I5 to British Columbia Canada. Why not fly direct you may ask?, Well we like California, we like Oregon … Continue reading Going West to go due North

Highway 2 West to Montana

Highway 2 was an original objective of the trip, not in it's entirety but certainly part of. And so it came to pass... And pass and pass. I could go on, suffice to say there are many passes that climb or skirt mountains as we journey eastwards. Leaving Washington State, the Idaho panhandle takes about … Continue reading Highway 2 West to Montana

Oregon to Seattle – lost and a ferry !

Sad to leave Oregon, as we enter Washington State we encounter trees, trees, more trees and areas where trees once were and new trees are awaiting planting. By the time we approached Seattle tiredness began to take its toll, yesterday had been idyllic with a short day of travel and a great overnight location with … Continue reading Oregon to Seattle – lost and a ferry !

A route map begins to take shape

The route begins to emerge from the chaos 15 States ! maybe we will clip a few more just for fun

Music in my head

Steppenwolf keeps popping into my head "Get your motor running, head out on the highway" just that bit, well mainly that bit..... So where are we? We know where the trip starts and ends, we have a vehicle, we have flights, we know of places that we want to visit and we've got the tech … Continue reading Music in my head

Route 89 South to North

Discovered this road this morning while browsing the maps and decided to look at what if offers, the funny thing is that when I started to trace the route I found that we had already travelled quite a large section back in 2008 without even registering its importance or possibilities, Basically its a 2 lane … Continue reading Route 89 South to North