Going West to go due North

As May approaches we look forward to the next road trip. This time we used air miles with our favourite airline to get flights to San Fransisco where we pick up the truck and head up I5 to British Columbia Canada. Why not fly direct you may ask?, Well we like California, we like Oregon … Continue reading Going West to go due North

Eureka to Jacksonville and a car change

The day started with misty rain along the Eureka CA coast, that fine rain that's like cold steam. The sort that soaks you without you feeling it. The hotel breakfast didn't look great so we packed and checked out. The interweb suggested Gill's as a good place to start the day and indeed it was. … Continue reading Eureka to Jacksonville and a car change

The Oregon List

The list of places to visit,see, stay at,eat at,drink at or photograph (lets face it they'll all get photographed is now almost complete. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER ; Union Station Portland Columbia River Valley Chow in Bend Sumpter and Granite (ghost towns almost) Steens Mountain Enterprise - Terminal Gravity Brewing Mount Hood Yachats - Drift … Continue reading The Oregon List

And we are off again

Oregon via California Highway 1, up the coastal routes to Portland and then backcountry roads back down to SF in just a few weeks time, the preparation has started! This time it'll be coastal scenic daily pictures, blog posts of what we find until Portland OR. an in-depth photo tour of food, drink and city … Continue reading And we are off again

And so it continues…

Another visit is booked and ready to roll, this time we want more of Northern California and Oregon. In fact we liked the little we saw of Oregon so much we plan to do an in depth analysis. Arrival is planned for May 2013 travelling from San Francisco which is always a favourite destination. Up … Continue reading And so it continues…