On the road – quick snapshots

A picture every 3 hours 2015

The great 2015 expedition from west Coast USA up to British Columbia in Canada  featured some new tricks this time. Firstly a picture from wherever we are every day every 3 hours starting at 09:00am local time and ending whenever the last 3 hour block is at an appropriate stop point. Then I plan to [...]

Going West to go due North

As May approaches we look forward to the next road trip. This time we used air miles with our favourite airline to get flights to San Fransisco where we pick up the truck and head up I5 to British Columbia Canada. Why not fly direct you may ask?, Well we like California, we like Oregon [...]

Social Media is slavery? 

My name is Stuart and I am a Social Media Addict ! The title may be a little strange but considering the wider implications of what I've recently discovered is leading me to believe that what we do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and yes even WordPress is in effect a form of invisible slavery. Take [...]

September Ramble in the North West

Starting in Seattle, well thats a new one for us, so expect an airport review on arrival. The big question is this, do we travel clockwise or anti-clockwise, south or north? You see we've never road tripped in the US at this time of year, normally we go in spring, places are just coming to [...]

Poutine – Cheesy Chips with gravy, whats not to like?

So after talking to some of the Cirque de Soleil real Canadians about the trip I asked about food highlights, I thought Canada having many French influences may be interesting, and this appeals greatly, also they have things called Beaver Tails, which are it seems large flat doughnuts topped with any number of sweet sugary [...]

Meet Justin Beaver ! 

We are now officially in Canada- Victoria BC to be precise. Left Port Angelese in Washington via the ferry this morning and arrived just 90 minutes later here in the colonial capital. Had a walk around to get our bearings and then checked in at the delightful Surf Motel. Its really retro 60's inside apart [...]

Stockton CA

So we have arrived in California, in Stockton, its early and dark but the hotel is fine. Almost 24 hours from home to arrival here so feeling a bit out of it, but breakfast and daylight heading north on I5 will fix that. More later as we head towards Grants Pass for the penultimate night [...]