On the road – quick snapshots

Travelling daily quick up loads from wherever its appropriate and possible to do so




We are now over 700 miles in and are currently in Abiline, described as a cow town by our pleasant but rapidly blinking waitress at dinner last night. Anyway the old cowboy town buildings were moved in 1961 to a quiet location on the edge of town next to a trailer park. The biggest thing here is the Eisenhower museum, library and memorial park which is immaculate. Plenty of antiques and bric a brac stores on the main streets too. We have to move on as mountains await in the next 500 miles… Possibly Durango next before Monument Valley


In Kansas and Oklahoma you find things called Roadside Tables dotted randomly around the countryside.
On Route 160 through southern Colorado the scenic drive climbs and swoops through meadow valleys, sage brush and sand dunes from Walsenberg to Alamosa where we found the Milagros coffee house. Its not for profit and packed with interest. The coffee surpasses anything else in the area too.



Monument Valley at sun up


Sunday 20th May




Near 4000 miles done, States crossed, hotels, motels, diner breakfasts, gallons of gas, a rock slide and a trashed alloy wheel, replacement car and a fantastic beach side hotel at the midway point . Life really does not get much better than this. Looking forward to the next stages as Washington State beckons.


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