Crunch Time USA

When I started writing these pages the USA was the one place on earth that drew me like a magnet, I spent weeks and weeks driving from place to place, meeting people – nice people – and finding roads that literally led nowhere, but it was fun, there was a spirit about the place that was entertaining and felt pretty safe. I went around every two years, travelled coast to coast with a starting point and an ending point but no real plan in between. I think I know America and it’s people as well as anyone by now. Meeting folks in all sorts of places from all sorts of backgrounds, staying in swanky hotels, mom and pop motels, log cabins, b&b’s, the oddest sometimes you could wish for or not. Towns that flourished, places that were dead on their feet, cities and small settlements where only the brave or people who don’t want to be found could want to be. Everywhere except Tulsa we encountered people showing warmth, humility and welcoming smiles.

I still keep in touch with a lot of them and we still get on, but some of them have changed, not in the way we connect, but in their attitude to what I like to think of being open to ideas and reason. Some have gone to the left, some have veered to the right, some have gone off the map completely and are in a different America, one I really don’t want to go. Of course it’s all down to one thing, not one man, Trump is manipulated, he just doesn’t know it or if he does he’s going along for the ride. So the election approaches, and how it goes is beyond everyone to call. It’s the first election year I’ve not actually been on US soil during the run up since before GW Bush was in charge. Boy how that country has changed.

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