Ford Fusion blues

The story of a car that is neither good at one thing or another, tries to do two things at once and does neither well. The trouble is that when it’s going for electric drive and doing well a small undulation in the road causes the car to think it needs more power , so the petrol engine cuts in and then it’s a back off the throttle juggling trick with your right foot to get it back into electric mode until the next bump when it all goes haywire again. So treat it with kid gloves and a feather light foot on the gas and you get 45 mpg along with anxiety. The car itself is ok, seats are comfortable and grippy, instruments are easy to read, switches and controls work reasonably well. Headlamps are atrocious, I find it hard to believe these are xenon or led, even on full beam it wouldn’t light up a moose in the dark until it was too late . If you live near any hills , then allow time to get up them as the motor will howl in protest, don’t even think of pressing that low gear button because all that will do is make the engine howl even louder . And then there’s the sat nav , put in a zip code or post code and it might just take you where you want to go, or it might just take you somewhere nearby, by that I mean a couple of miles away. It’s done it twice already. It’s got lane guidance, collision detection when in cruising control mode and rear sensors with camera . We did a 600 mile drive in one day, it was really boring, and the car made it doubly bad. So in summary it doesn’t really give you a great driving experience, it’s not particularly brilliant at anything and most hybrids from other manufacturers are better for the same or less money. 4/10

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