The State of New York!

Arrival at Boston Logan airport was painless if a little delayed by Lufthansa. We were flying with Virgin Atlantic, but for some reason German efficiencies broke down and we couldn’t disembark at the terminal because a Lufthansa plane was in our way and until it moved we couldn’t go any place. Eventually things went to plan, just off schedule and we made it out of the airport towards our lodging for the first night, later than planned, in the rain and after a 19 hour day of travel when we added it up. No sleep till Brooklyn, but it wasn’t Brooklyn it was Saugus which is 20 minutes from Boston. Morning comes and we head to Wallkill NYC, this is the place where Woodstock (the festival) there is a denial among the locals , should have been in August 1969, but the locals rebelled against the darned hippies just one month before and the whole thing ended up in White Lake/Bethel a few miles further upstate. It’s probably this last minute panic factor that made it into the legendary event it was. Anyhow I couldn’t find anyone who’d admit to being involved in the ban, or most importantly where it might have been held in the area had it stayed as planned. They know, but just won’t admit it🤫

Staying at Catbird Cottage with Melina and Jim for two nights in their air bnb place was great, we will certainly be back some day. Their house was built in 1948, it’s in the woods, has 2 acres of grounds and is just wonderful. Breakfast with chipmunks, rabbits. deer and other assorted wildlife wandering past is something I don’t often do. Apparently the occasional black bear wanders past too.

We left this morning and headed towards Canada via Albany the State Capitol of NY, it’s a very fine city with very fine buildings, remarkably seems to have no traffic issues either, I picked up my new mandolin from Robert and we moved swiftly on to Manchester New Hampshire, especially the Mall of Manchester New Hampshire where there is an Apple Store. Now I’d heard and seen evidence on travels before of how the retail experience of the USA was changing, Main streets of shops and stores all silent and empty, how out of town shopping experiences were killing the high streets, well the out of town Mall experience has gone the same way, here was a huge retail complex, parking for 1000’s and there was literally nobody there, most stores were empty apart from bored staff, some of the building was being torn down. The only place with any life or customers was the Apple store in the whole place. We made our purchase and left. Overnight stop in Lincolnville Maine before heading to Canada for the ferry to Newfoundland the video part might just make you remember the film Fargo , or perhaps the TV series Breaking Bad, it’s in the deserted mall , there’s all sorts of terrible things happening but the shot lingers on something entirely random, but it might be relevant later on.

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