The Rich list is out again

Here’s the thing, if each and every one of them had to realise their supposed assets as tangible countable cash, gold, jewellery, yachts and cars they’d be screwed, because quite simply the only thing that has any real value is you, yes the person reading this now, you can make a difference, you can do tiny almost insignificant things to change something for the better. And you can do it without a fuss, you can give it up and make it happen for free, it just takes the thought and the action and it’s done, something or someone else benefits and so do you, How helpless are the people on that rich list, they can’t do anything special or spontaneous without major consequences or thought somewhere in their over complicated lives.

It’s sad to think of these super powerful folks who in all honesty are living the dream which is actually nightmare if only they could see it.

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