UK Parliamentarians in scramble to save their miserable skins!

Finally the day has dawned on the majority of the elected members of parliament in the UK that they are not fit for purpose, that they have sought political office without having a clue as to what really matters. Being popular, having a role in society, a member of an exclusive club and kidding themselves and their cronies that they are doing what they do for the good of the people of Britain. And now having been found out (although really we knew all along) that they haven’t a clue these political idiots on all sides find themselves at risk of becoming unemployed. Surely the population of the UK will wake up and see that career politicians are not the way forward, not one of them on this showing would hold down a job in a proper company organisation, they would have been warned, disciplined and then fired for incompetence, failure to carry out simple instructions and wilfully ignoring management guidelines. Shameful display, time to do away with them and their anachronistic party political backgrounds.