In the Third Century BC slavery was outlawed !

And since then it’s been banned by nation states and governments across the globe again and again, but still it exists and in so many ways. Not that you’d notice but here’s the thing. If you are use Facebook or Twitter or any one of a number of social platforms that are out there (and this is one of them) you are effectively working for someone or something for nothing. Sure some people make mega bucks from monetisation schemes, but the majority get nothing for their labour, and we do it voluntarily. So I’ve spent some time thinking through what you read here, then I thought some more, now I’m writing it. And I’m not getting anything as a reward , no pay, no pat on the back, no vacation no workers rights, nothing….

But someone somewhere is getting slightly richer without doing anything as a result , don’t you think that’s a little weird?

Of course I could just stop participating and I’d be free, but what about the others , writing articles, creating stuff for nothing in the hope of what, millions of us perpetuate the myths that we are contributing to society as makers, journalists, photographers and so on, we beaver away and willingly line the pockets of the social media companies, we devour the content of influencers, bloggers and vloggers and try to emulate their fragile success. Fun times 😉

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