The last time I saw Facebook

16 days ago I decided to log out of for the last time, I didn’t tell anyone, there wasn’t a drama filled I’m out of here message, I just started the deletion process and logged out. For a day or two I wondered what was going on and was tempted to have a peek, but I resisted and as each day went by without all the news, photos, links and banter it became less and less important. Now I’m free of all the things that used to occupy a lot of time but never really accomplished much. My phone says 33% less time using social media per day, that’s around 2 hours that I can use to do things that I actually enjoy and are probably producing something of value. Sitting at work talking to people about real things , looking around on the bus and noticing where we are and what’s going on. Sleeping a full 7 or 8 hours, reading articles, not getting annoyed at unsolicited advertising and most of all existing in the moment as I see it not gazing at a screen and trying to think up a reply or comment that probably won’t be understood or read anyway. So I’ve done it, I’ve got rid of something that held me like an addict for a while, I’ve successfully kicked a habit and feel clean as a result. Twitter went the same way about 18 months ago, I think Instagram might well be next.

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