The plot thickens and Facebook is abandoned

The road trip routes and lodging options are starting to become reality, 1st night after an almost night flight, car rental, nights 2 and 3 in up state NY heading towards MontrĂ©al in a least urgent fashion. , an experiment with Air BnB here and there, and the absence of Facebook will make it an interesting journey. On the no more Facebook thing it’s been coming for a while. Last year Twitter was abandoned, the cold turkey lasted about a week, but of course I had the Methadone substitute of Facebook to get me through. Some time at the end of 2018 I heard of Facebook free February, that’s like dry January really. Anyhow, I gave dry January a try and it wasn’t so bad so it wasn’t too hard to kick Facebook, I’ve got alcohol to keep me happy again after all ….

It’s been a whole day and a bit without any of the Facebook stuff and I’m already feeling smug , it’s like a huge weight that I’ve been carrying has been lifted, I don’t have to let people know what’s going on , I don’t have to like stuff that I’m not really that interested in, I don’t have to spend time thinking of clever or cheery responses or page through loads of drivel that other people have posted who I don’t actually know. I feel liberated and free, most of all I don’t have to think about what I’m missing. People I know, family and so on have my phone number, they can call or message me, I can do that back, I can send them photos of my lunch, they can send me images of their kids, work, travel, vacations and we can resume real relationships instead of using a platform that does nothing for us except consume our time.

Road trip planning also becomes easier because I’ve got more time to smell the coffee. Oh , I kinda gave up coffee last month and am sleeping so well đŸ¤­

One Reply to “The plot thickens and Facebook is abandoned”

  1. Congrats on breaking the chains! I’m still on Facebook to keep track of local events, but I see less and less real use for it these days.


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