To The North

After taking a break from annual road trips the welcome return is now in progress. We’ve covered Canada’s western side and the Rockies in previous years, Canada brings a warm glow, it’s a place that works really well without having to stress about anything much. To me it always feels like nothing will happen quickly, but whatever it is will get done very well given a reasonable amount of time. So it’s Newfoundland, Labrador, Montréal, Quebec and some coastal island hopping. As our preferred air carrier doesn’t stop anywhere nearby we will fly to Boston and then travel up via the Catskills to visit some folks we’ve never met but have known for years. The customary brew house visits will continue and the first introduction to Airbnb accommodations instead of the motel/hotel formula will take precedence. Really looking forward to seeing Iceberg Alley where massive chunks of ice float down the coast past various towns and villages until they slowly melt away, roads that lead to almost nowhere but somewhere is out there if you keep going. Music.. hello Godin Guitars, and Cirque de Soleil HQ , good company, food and the occasional excitement. Better brush up on my French language…

Iceberg alley

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