Meanwhile back in the UK

the sun sets on a winters day over London

All is turmoil and angst , nothing much is happening due the holiday season and the totally inept government activity regarding Brexit. Thinking about the European Union, well its not perfect but its able to change if there is an element that influences it from within. By leaving it Britain loses that insider influence and will just end up outside doing its own thing and being poorer as a result. So it seems the world is in flux at the moment. But here’s the thing it’s not usually governments that change things for the better, its the people who change things, just look at the US, how the people thought that a new face might just shake things up a little, well things are certainly all shook up. A vote for taking back control, a put my country first mandate, build a wall, introduce trade tariffs, kick out the jams brothers and sisters! We came a long way, buried hatchets, opened borders, got together and made friends and then for some reason went all tribal again. Why did that happen, it sure isn’t progress thats for sure. 2019 is an El Nino year, the economy will tank and the icecaps will get smaller, good luck everyone Happy New Year.

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