Social Media is slavery? 

My name is Stuart and I am a Social Media Addict ! The title may be a little strange but considering the wider implications of what I’ve recently discovered is leading me to believe that what we do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and yes even WordPress is in effect a form of invisible slavery. Take Facebook as an example, the things people post, the groups we subscribe and contribute to, every key click, every link accessed is analysed , connected, analysed some more, passed on to other organisations and kept somewhere to be re-analysed and cut a 1000 different ways before finding its way back to you as “things you might be interested in”. So by commenting or just clicking on a link you are unknowingly working not only for Facebook for no money, but also little pieces of you are also being used by the affiliates of Facebook. The spiders web of connections is vast as briefly described here in this BBC news article. BBC Facebook Just 2 weeks ago I decided to kill of my account on Twitter, the reasons were predominantly due to how angry I felt at some of the content and the simple fact that reading it made me want to respond, and respond I did, The US President, UK Government, Political things, Advertisements for things I didn’t need, all of these things demanded some of my time. So I decided to put a clock on things. 7:00 AM till 10:30 PM on average every day was the window of opportunity and found that even on a good day the time spent reading, writing or ranting on just the Twitter feed amounted to 2-3 hours per day. So in 15 hours nearly every day I was probably doing something with some form of social media directly for maybe 5 hours. Then of course theres the time that you might be otherwise engaged doing useful things which demand your full attention, but….. you are either wondering what you are missing or thinking about that great response that you will make later when you have time. And all of this you are giving to the Facebooks and Twitters for FREE!  So I killed off Twitter, it took 2 days for me to stop the curiosity, this week having considered the cold turkey of Twitter withdrawal I took the plunge and trashed my Facebook account. I’m still twitchy about that but I’m confident I can do this. Will WordPress be next? LinkedIn is certainly going on the trash pile. 

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