September Ramble in the North West

Starting in Seattle, well thats a new one for us, so expect an airport review on arrival. The big question is this, do we travel clockwise or anti-clockwise, south or north? You see we’ve never road tripped in the US at this time of year, normally we go in spring, places are just coming to life after winter, some roads are still closed, there is still inclement weather, September or fall is going to be different and given the amount of trees in the area it could be quite spectacular.

So to the technical aspects, the photo and video gear, well its light and quite videoish with iPhone 7, a DJi thing and a tiny Nikon DSLR with flip out screen for company. Theres some car mount hardware in there too somewhere. As usual nowhere booked to stay as yet for the first night , we just know it’ll be somewhere near SEATAC, lets hope it won’t be sleepless.

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