Going West to go due North

As May approaches we look forward to the next road trip. This time we used air miles with our favourite airline to get flights to San Fransisco where we pick up the truck and head up I5 to British Columbia Canada. Why not fly direct you may ask?, Well we like California, we like Oregon even more, and Washington was snowbound mostly when we tried before so it makes sense to visit old friends and much loved landscapes on the way. Once in Canada its going to be a completely new experience, They have plastic see thru money!! , The Canadian dollar is approximately 2 to £1, and iPhone 6 is £183 pounds cheaper than in the UK and based on research it’s a beautiful place. Its a trip thats more than a holiday this time, if it feels right and everything joins up we may just like it enough to stay.


Squamish BC
Squamish BC

So the itinerary looks something like this Victoria BC, Tofino, a tour of the rest of Vancouver Island, then a ferry to the mainland, a good look at Squamish on the Sea to Sky Highway up to Whistler then a round trip down to Vancouver and its surroundings before a leisurely trip back to SFO via Portland, Cannon Beach, Pacific City, Shasta, and Sacramento calling in wherever we know anyone who has the time to say hello. Now if you have any tips or advice I’d be really pleased to hear them.

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