2015 States of a different nation?

2015 seems a long way from where this all started, many roads travelled and places visited but still hungering for those moments when turn a corner, crest a mountain or enter a town and go Wow! So the USA has been driven, eaten, stayed in, explored, and climbed. We found every type of of weather, met fantastic people, were tourists,explorers,diplomats and consumers in every US state except Hawaii and Alaska, we broke hire cars, hit stuff, got lost, got found and probably broke a few rules. So now its a new year what do we do for the next road trip?
Canada,thats what.
So in May we head back in the general direction of North West America to find out what British Columbia looks like. The plan is to start in San Francisco and drive up via Oregon which still pulls mightily at us as probably the most enjoyable states we have visited, a blast through Washington woodland and a ferry to Victoria BC for a serious look at what it has to offer around Vancouver Island. Another ferry boat to mainland Canada for more BC exploration and then a slow trip south to catch a flight home. If it all looks good and goes well, then we might just head back for a more prolonged stay.

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