Boston -saving the best till last?

I just took another flu relief tablet after the drive down the coast from Camden on highway 1 via New Harbour and Pemaquid Point plus a few other diversions. I’m going to have to say it now as we’ve almost done the trip so here goes. “MOST GUIDE BOOKS ARE RUBBISH” , there I said it buy them at your peril, it’s your money, better still borrow them and be disappointed for free. Why am I saying this you may ask… Well the answer is quite simply this. We spent weeks,nay months researching places to go, routes to take and all the stuff that folks at Lonely Planet, Frommers etc.etc. had to offer and you know what, it left a lot to be desired. So the stuff we did off plan going where instinct rather than direction from others took us was best of all. Finally we arrive in Boston, we’ve been frugal all the way so have splashed out on a city centre location base, it’s adequate for our needs and close to everything. The car has gone back 2 days early as we’ll so there will be a refund on the hire which will help with the hotel cost— gulp! 2 days of exploring this fine old city, maybe a bit of a revolution if I can find some tea to throw in the Harbour ( I brought my own Yorkshire tea bags just in case) and it will be fun doing a re-enactment. Boston has a large Irish background so I’m hoping that there are some bars and brews to discover, Fenway Park for a look a a baseball stadium and the Freedom Trail which glorifies the exit of Britain as a colonial ruler so I’m told in a guide book, let’s see eh?


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