Vermont to New Hampshire and Maine

Spring is struggling to arrive here in the northern states, the trees have little buds and in some cases bright green leaves,there are daffodils dotted around which seems odd as we left the UK at the end of daffodil season. Vermont is a small state compared to others so we’ve done a loop back to Stowe and Woodstock. Stowe is a ski town and as the snow is no longer there and summer is a way off its a little quiet. Woodstock is further south and is an interesting experience, it’s not like Woodstock in New York or England but I can see why it’s a popular place to visit for the natives. On leaving Woodstock I got a bit lost and headed up the wrong interstate. So getting to Maine took a little longer than planned. We stopped for the night in Augusta (the capital of the state) in a just ok Super 8, nothing about the place inspired a return visit and the drive to the coast revealed just how affluence runs out the further from the coast you get. Maine’s licence plates proudly proclaim ‘Vacation State’ I’d challenge that after driving across all of it, some folks here never will go anywhere but their front yard. Arrival in Camden cheered me up despite being in the grip of what appears to be flu. I bought some chemical brew from a drive in pharmacy but it threatened to destroy my liver if I took it, so the pharmacist here gave me some other stuff which is working. It’s been raining today so not going out seems to be a good opportunity to rest up and get fit for Boston.

Camden Harbour

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