After Woodstock – it gets farmy

It’s still early in the afternoon as we head north into Vermont which is at first a little bit unexceptional but finding ourselves in Bennington we discover an interesting ruined former inn that is still partially lived in by the owner.



You can see the owner in the pic above.
So we asked about the house and it’s got an interesting history, look for Wollumsac Inn on Google and fantasise about what’s maybe happened here. After a night in Bennington we headed upstate to the biggest city in Vermont for a stay at the hotel Vermont in Burlington. An almost new swanky gaff but reasonably priced and a great central location to explore this university town.



Then after a fun night we drove on via back roads to Woodstock, this is a skiing area so as the snow has gone and spring hasn’t quite taken over it’s pretty quiet. You can see why it’s popular though. Tomorrow we head back to the coast for Maine and Boston on the final leg of the trip

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