Skyline Drive and Coal Mining

A long days drive via the edge of the Great Dismal Swamp which really is quite dismal even in bright sunshine, then a long haul on I81, a brief slow down on the Blue Ridge Parkway before heading into Maryland for around half an hour and finally into Pennsylvania which starts as rolling farmland and then turns into coal central as we journey through the towns of Tremont and Pottsville and finally ending in Hazleton for the night. I’ve seen coal mining in the UK and in a way there are similarities in the look and feel of the towns and the people who live and work there but the sheer scale of what happens on the landscape is very different. We are just a short way from New England now, tomorrow morning brings a quick visit to where 1969’s Woodstock festival took place which is close by, and then it’s Vermont,Maine and some slow days in great countryside. Interesting how spring time was in full flow in North Carolina but as we’ve got here it’s got less and less leafy and green as spring proper is just about appearing. Sorry about the lack of pictures, lots taken and will add some tomorrow.


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