Paved paradise and put up a parking lot

The Outer Banks ……. What it should be and what it is are polar opposites, I am angry at what should be a pristine and wild place with sensitive development in parts has basically become a beachside strip mall. Sure parts are still beautiful wilderness dunes in an improbable seascape with a road carved through it, but FFS! How did you get away with the rest of it!!
So the day started early to catch a ferry from Cedar Island NC to Ocracoke Island, we grabbed breakfast on the way at a diner and made the ferry with time to spare. 2 hours after embarking we arrive at the 1st Island. It’s not quite what the guide books tell you being built up with huge 6-8 bed rental houses, condo’s and holiday homes or hotel/motel places. We drive through the initial port area and on and on through more development for around 40 minutes before we get to ferry number 2. This takes us to Island number 2 and Hatteras. It’s still seaside amongst the dunes and lagoons with more trashy development. Finally it’s Kitty Hawk and the place where the Wright Brothers first flew. The memorial site is more Flying Burrito Brothers from what we can see so we give it a miss and drive on. I’m really pissed at what has happened on the OBX. Off into the mainland we have driven to Elizabeth City, it’s not a prosperous place just now but we get good food and a comfy place to stop. Next up a pedal to the metal drive to get up towards Maryland by nightfall tomorrow.

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