From Darien GA to Charleston via Savannah

A night in Miami at the Art Deco rash of South Beach was put into the rear view mirror as we headed to Darien in Georgia. Our 1st night of the trip was somewhat tainted by the airport experience so heading away from the source of discontent felt good. Darien is perhaps a surprising destination, it is a very small settlement with a dock area and a couple of squares that were designed by the fellow who built Savannah to such grand and opulent status. Indeed had things been a little different Darien might have been what Savannah has been and is today. As it turned out it’s not much more than a home for a few shrimp boats,some nice b&b establishments and a few small businesses. The Darien Waterfront Inn was just great and so was the nearby restaurant and bar. We had a look around the town and got Miami we’ll and truly out of my system with some great food and a couple of beers. Next morning an early start after a hearty breakfast of pancakes,bacon and coffee we headed to Savannah. A trolley bus tour is the best way to see the town. The driver/guides tell stories and point out the interesting bits – it’s very feature packed and beautifully preserved despite the place burning down a few times over the years. A hearty lunch in a famous and crowded Mrs Wilkes Dining Room was anything but ordinary and we met some great people at the communal table we shared. Then it’s off to Charleston for our next night lodging at the Meeting Street Inn. We’d been to Charleston before but during a major thunder storm so didn’t get to see so much. This time we had great weather, so we explored more, a visit to our favourite pizza place Monza, coffee and beer at Kudu and then the Pourhouse for live music made it a busy but fun packed day.







This last shot is of Georgetown which we visited some 8 years ago, not much had changed but a huge fire last September had taken out 7 historic buildings in the heart of the town. As you can see it has left a big scar in something which is beautifully preserved. It will be sympathetically restored we were told, so the town will be back in business and complete again soon.

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