A rant on Miami airport – then it gets better

I’ve travelled to many airports around the globe, occasionally things go wrong so they get fixed and life goes on. But it seems Miami International airport is without doubt the very worst incarnation of how not to do it, but even when years later opportunities have presented themselves the people that run it have singularly walked away from responsibilities to customers and staff. So it came again, a bad experience 8 years ago with a connecting flight, it couldn’t be as bad again could it? No it couldn’t , it could be worse and it was by some margin. Enough of this, suffice to say it took 2 hours plus from landing to getting out of the airport from the clutches of the authorities. I’m sure most Floridians are lovely people, but something about that airport is ruining your reputation Florida! So after arrival and a night to remember in a South Beach Hotel, we hightailed it out to Georgia, a tributary to a swamp with live music and a pub with great food too. Cue Darien GA, the Waterfront Inn is our base for the night, Skippers bar for food and entertainment and an early finish from driving the I95 up towards Charleston for more of the same. Oh yes forgot to mention we had Breakfast in a place called Stuart FL, it’s on the coast it’s really very pleasant . If you want to visit just don’t use Miami Airport, there are others some way away but way better at handling EVERYTHING.

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