Counting Down 5 – it’s time to visit Woodstock 1,2 and 3

So it’s nearly time…. One more weekend, 2 more days at work and then we are off. Today I noticed a WordPress post by Lesley Carter who had been to Santa Monica Pier in LA. Now this brought back a lot of memories of our very first road trip, probably the ultimate most famous road trip anywhere which is Route 66. We’d never tackled anything like it before, we had no idea how it would turn out or even if it was possible. As it turned out it was the beginning of what has now become an annual event, a lifestyle choice and something which I wouldn’t do differently despite learning the ropes every year since that 1st epic journey. Having visited just about everywhere that is anywhere and an awful lot of places that are nowhere too the East Coast USA uncharted territory is now close to discovery. Let’s just dwell a moment on Edward Hopper. For those that don’t know him, he was an artist who documented American life, street scenes if you like, a street photographer would recognise the stuff he did as being what they do but in oils and it’s fabulous. A while ago I met a young British artist called Joe Simpson, he was exhibiting a series of ‘photo realistic’ portraits of musicians. I kept in touch and found out that he was planning a trip to the USA to paint what he found. The result was his series of pictures called ‘Across America’ I’ve been inspired by both Joe and Edward from their art which shows an America from different generations and styles but connected in a way that makes me want to try to emulate what they have done with my camera. Somewhere now have a theme for the photography and a project which might just become a book.





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