Vermont is on the route with some 1969

Originally we planned a trip that mainly stuck to the coastal roads between Miami and Boston, but as usual when the only fixed times and destinations are arrival and departure points. Poring over guide books and maps you discover things that look interesting and if time permits why not? Why do people climb mountains, because they are there. And so we’ve added the site of 1969’s Woodstock Festival which wasn’t at Woodstock at all but a place called White Lake near Bethel NY. It’s now a performing arts and concert venue so I’ll be making notes and comparisons. Bearsville! Why? You ask, because it’s where Bearsville records of Todd Rundgren fame got its name and it’s on the way. Vermont get a good look as it will be spring, maple syrup will be tapped and there seem to be covered bridges everywhere with breweries and cider houses. It’s got quite a reputation for great food too and it’s on the way to Maine so why not? In 14 days the journey continues – look out Miami the British are coming !!


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