Haystack to Haystack

From a haystack rock on Cannon Beach a short drive down 101 then an off shoot towards Cape Meares Lighthouse and a scenic drive which follows the coast to Cape Kiwanda where another Haystack rock lives. This one is a mile off shore and 100 feet taller although the distance doesn’t look like a mile I’d not like to swim it in the freezing water.

20130605-070525.jpg this is an almost deserted cove we found on the drive down. It also has a sort of haystack rock….

The Tsunami zone is found right along the coast here. The advice is as follows : if there is an earthquake stay in a safe area until the shaking has stopped, then head for higher ground until the all clear is given to return. Or if the sea goes out further than usual quite quickly, get to higher ground – on foot! I can’t imagine the roads being passable as everyone will just jump in their cars won’t they? There are million dollar homes along this beach, I wonder what the insurance costs might be with the threat of a tsunami just around the corner.

Finally for now some of the parking arrangements signage

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