On leaving Portland and heading to wine country

The last day in Portland was spent having a great breakfast at Tasty n’ Alder. I’ve had egg and potatoes for breakfast before but never like these Potato Bravas.

After eating, we wandered down to the Saturday craft market as suggested by all the guide books. It’s like Camden Market really, hippy, boho, grunge, bong,macrobiotic,vegan,tea and so on. Voodoo Donuts got a miss, the queues were long and it’s just a donut with bacon or something at the end of the day. We walked over the bridge to the East Side and strolled in the sun to our appointment with the Willamette Jet Boat. The ride on the boat is almost insane with over 300 Horsepower diesels blasting a 50 seater keel less slab of aluminium along at 60 mph doing slides, dead stops and 360 degree turns in between commentary about the river side wildlife history and so on. The boat ride done, we headed back to Portland to dry out, meet up with a new friend for supper and take a look at the Starlight Parade where the WEIRD of Oregon continues.




Basically the city folk start staking out places along the route in the early hours for the event which starts with a 5k fun run at 7:30pm, then a parade follows which is televised. The folks lining the route seemed to have a great time.

Morning took us on a trip past the many waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge. It’s a great drive along the 30 past all the places where water gushes out of the sides of the cliffs in spectacular fashion but its packed with tourists and parking is difficult. Time to head for overnight in Mcmenamins Mcminville Mcmanama do do do do do !


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