More on Portland

What the…. ? This is just an incredible place, its really difficult to find something not to like about it so I’ll just go with what’s good. Firstly the locals, if there’s a friendlier bunch of people anywhere in the US I’ve yet to meet them. Conversations just spring up with complete strangers everywhere, everyone is happy to help, answer questions, give advice or whatever, even the panhandlers and crazies are cool. There’s a fair sized population of homeless too, but they fit in and make life the best they can unlike some other cities in the world. The legendary food carts are exactly that, great street food prepared with a passion at decent prices and the variety is overwhelming.

We got bento boxes of superb chicken with brown rice, vegetables and home made sauces from this place, portions were huge but it was healthy and it tasted fantastic. Simple food from the truck next door was just cheese on toast, or from another place a full on Madras curry with poppadom and lime pickle.

Nearby is the Wholefoods store, it’s huge but does broadly the same stuff as the one in Kensington London but at much better prices.

Powells bookstore is the largest in the world, we spent about 2 hours there and didn’t even scratch the surface. It takes up a whole block, seems to have 4 working floors, is made of timber and is chock full of paper. Try as I might, I couldn’t spot a fire sprinkler system anywhere !!

Portland is without any doubt one of my favourite cities anywhere I’ve yet travelled to. Yes it’s quite rainy at times. But it feels soft, comforting, friendly and welcoming, the people get along, it’s got great food, transport links and is cycle friendly. I also like the fact that it has breweries… 😊
The next post will contain stuff about a market, a boat trip, a parade and dinner with some new friends before we head out of Portland for Mcminville and beyond.

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