Rain, some sunshine and Stonehenge

20130529-161219.jpg Out of Hood River is a bridge with a metal deck, the wide tyres on the Challenger tried to take their own lines on the way across.

20130529-161527.jpg the road on the Washington State side of the Columbia River is better than the Interstate on the Oregon side. Route 30 is still there in part but like Route 66 much has been covered up by interstate highways. If you can find old sections they are worth driving though.

If you are wondering what the car looks like, well here it is. It’s a little unusual and as an ex BMW man I have to say its appallingly put together, but it drives ok. It’s got a Blues Brothers or Dirty Harry feel to it.

The Stonehenge reconstruction will get its own picture section later, but on the meantime we found ourselves in The Dalles which is a town in what I’d say was a farming community. Many stores were empty looking for someone to take them on and restore the retail,hustle and bustle to the community but the closed cinema bill board seemed to sum it up.

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