Food, mannequins, a brewery hotel a little round the Bend

Ok, we didn’t expect these when our server described the dish when we asked. A portion for 1 we were told , little bite sized doughnuts. We managed but 3 between us and it was a struggle. So that was supper in Bend Oregon. It’s a strange town, tidy and spacious with a nice park. Some of the kids (young teens) look a little intimidating as grunge and hoodies with pit bull dogs seem to be the fashion. That said its a friendly place with everything you need. We stayed at a former catholic school now a hotel, brewery,cinema and concert venue amongst other things. The Mcmenamin brothers have a growing empire of these places and they are really good to stay at. The staff are helpful and seem to really enjoy their work. We will seek out more definitely.

20130529-040100.jpg Beer features again, many different brews as sampler glasses, you get to try all the tap ales in decent quantities

20130529-040256.jpg The town of Bend has some quirky “fashion” stores. And lots of barber shops too. Close by is the town of Sisters, so called because of the 3 mountains that overlook the town. The town itself has a Main Street that is a little tourist orientated. Unfortunately we will miss the rodeo which is the highlight of the year unless you count quilting amongst your adrenalin boosters. Yes Sisters has a quilting festival every year. It’s a huge fireside pastime in these parts! From Sisters we overnight in Hood River of which more later.

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