Eureka to Jacksonville and a car change

The day started with misty rain along the Eureka CA coast, that fine rain that’s like cold steam. The sort that soaks you without you feeling it. The hotel breakfast didn’t look great so we packed and checked out. The interweb suggested Gill’s as a good place to start the day and indeed it was.
After breakfast we drove north east through the mountains towards Ashland where we would stop for the night before heading to Crater Lake today. As we drove the Tire Pressure warming light came on. As luck would have it we were in the middle of no where with no phone signal and no passing traffic. Checking round the car it appeared we had a slow puncture so driving on was ok for a while. Eventually the tire gave out, it had a huge sliver of aluminium right in the centre of the tread. Alamo got a call and completely screwed up. Eventually we tired (no pun intended) of waiting and changed to the space saver spare and headed to the nearest Alamo depot. Now we have a Dodge Charger, it’s black, all black…….



If you ever get to drive California 96 in North CA do it, miles of wooded mountain twists, almost devoid of traffic and not a gas station or stopping place for miles, it follows the course of the Klamath River crossing it many times.

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