1970’s to Eureka

Morning comes and he’s on his way, pony boy carry me home. Please excuse the beginning but it’s due to the soundtrack that’s accompanying us on the trip and hearing that first thing from the Allman Bros. on a fine California morning in a lovely Mustang….well!
So from the inside of our wardrobe – sorry room, we had a splendid breakfast on the porch of the inn. Mendocino is a place locked in time. It has modern facilities but you can’t really tell they are there. We walked around a little, checked out some stores and a little craft market and then headed up the coast towards Eureka. My camera is starting get some use and the results will turn up as part of the wrap up for the whole trip it’s the first time the Olympus OM-D has been travelling properly and I’m really impressed with the whole package. The blog photos you see daily are from the iPhone. Back on the road we drove through a giant redwood for 5 dollars, stopped at a 3 day music festival in the middle of nowhere and made it to Eureka. We stayed at the Eureka Inn, which has hosted politicians and movie stars in its past, now it’s a little faded but the owners are trying to bring it back. It’s a huge place and deserves some record in the blog so we’ll have a wander and get some photos before we leave. It’s raining this morning but its ok as we drive into Oregon for the journey to begin for real.








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