And so it continues…

Another visit is booked and ready to roll, this time we want more of Northern California and Oregon. In fact we liked the little we saw of Oregon so much we plan to do an in depth analysis. Arrival is planned for May 2013 travelling from San Francisco which is always a favourite destination. Up Highway 1 taking as many coastal roads as possible through Oregon to Seattle via Portland. The return route through the back country of Oregon to San Fran in mid June to catch the flight home. We are looking for recommendations as to where to stay,scenic roads to drive and places to visit on the way. Tourist places yes, but the less explored and travelled the better. Quirky towns, forests, rivers, places to eat, photogenic and unusual, the more unusual the better. This time we’ll be packing different photography gear. Gone are the huge DSLR rigs, now it’s high quality mirror less Olympus and Fuji gear for the photo blogging. Routes are being planned but we want local input to help us make this trip even more epic than the last, so please add your suggestions and comments.


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