Janet on tour

Having dilly-dallied around the West for two thirds of our road trip across the States, the time came for us to pick up the pace and put some distance behind us.  It’s all a bit of a blur but, as I recall, it went something like this…

There was night in a town called Sturgis, home of one of the largest annual motorcycle events in the world.  It’s clear the rally is the main source of income around here.  Shops selling rally t-shirts and souvenirs abound alongside an abundance of saloons, which, no doubt, pulsate during the rally, but on the day we were there, seemed more like museums in a ghost town.

After Sturgis, we took a short detour to a town called Belle Fourche, the geographic center of the USA.  We’ve dipped out feet in the Pacific Ocean on the West coast and seen warnings signs of danger…

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Missed out on some foodie stuff, but this sums up what we found

Mad Girl Eats


El Guero Canelo, 2480 North Oracle Rd, Tucson, AZ   plus 2 other locations in the city.

As seen on Food Wars and Man vs Food, the Sonoran hot dog at El Guero Camelo was a must try. Mad Girl went Mad Crazy for this dog! I opted for the Sammie which was the Sonoran, but added an extra frank. The specially made bun could stand on it’s own, it’s so flipping good. The 2 frankfurters and toppings of bacon, sausage, beans, grilled onions, fresh onions, tomatoes, mayo, mustard and jalapeno sauce loaded on that bun….shear ecstasy. ECTASY I say!


El Guero Canelo Sonoran Sammie hot dog….5 out of 5 bacon dipped and dripping mega smootches. A Best!

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