Departure Lounge

And that’s a wrap ! We’ve tackled 7,300 miles, 13 States (possibly 14 as we nicked the edge of one by accident), we’ve used 2 cars, stayed in 21 different hotels, motels or lodging places, eaten in countless mom & pop diners, chains or local independents, drank coffee from independents and who else but St@*€¥|<5 in Seattle. Our fuel consumption was between 25 to 30 MPG. We went on unpaved roads, got lost in the Henry Mountains where there are no roads at all, met local people, veterans from the military, had one run in with the local law, drove on the wrong side of the road. State Parks, National Parks, Ghost Towns, beaches, lakes, mountains, deserts, farmland and cities. On the road we had the car radio for company, listening to local music radio until it caused our ears to bleed, with incredulity at the political bile and poisonous barbs from selfishly ambitious so called servants of the people who have nothing but self interest at heart. We’ve visited huge stores where nothing for sale is “Made in America” but it’s cheap and everyone is buying. Help Wanted signs in small and busy businesses with no applicants?, I’m leaving here exhilarated but confused and wondering why America just doesn’t see what I see, maybe it does but just chooses to look the other way. Anyhoo it’s time to go, will be back as there is the small matter of some East Coast states that are as yet to be visited, and Oregon needs some more exploration too. Good Luck America, this planet is a little messed up, look to home and fix that, then you can help me fix everywhere else -) Peace Out !


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