Sundance to Winner SD

The trip is coming to an end, but there is still an air of discovery as we leave our overnight stop and head out of Wyoming into South Dakota. We deliberately chose some back roads to take us towards 2 tourist attractions and some ‘interesting’ towns according to our guide books. The town of Deadwood has some nice period architecture hidden amongst the hotels and casinos, we don’t stop though and head on towards Mount Rushmore. Word of warning, even if you have bought a National Parks Pass , they will rush you for more dollars at this National Monument and it’s an interesting captive road entrance arrangement if you decide you don’t want to pay to go in to the parking lot and visitor centre. Second stop planned was the Crazy Horse monument, we got caught in another cash ambush but managed to about turn around and escape a scalping. This project started in the late 1940’s and as much as I want to see it finished I’m not convinced it will ever reach completion. Moving on we arrived at Hot Springs and as we drove in the first sight was the local jail where the female inmates were making a racket through a large mesh gate. The town itself is remarkable in that it’s buildings are predominantly red stone, not the brick and timber that is found commonly elsewhere. From here on we enter grasslands with gentle hills, mile after mile on highway 18 through towns with populations of hundreds or less, Indian lands of of horses, cows and farming. We observe a weather system as it crosses our path but nothing really happens as we journey east. We reach the town of Winner and stop for dinner and a night in a Super 8. It’s run by the cousin of the guy who runs our lodging stop in Dubois 2 nights before! This morning we have to start around 12 hours of driving so we can get some time in Chicago before the flight home. Hotels in Chicago are difficult to find at good rates it seems? Some guy called Obama is in town at the same time! Funny or coincidence, when we were in NY just 4 years ago for our flight home someone called Bush was in town and we had the same problem. Pics to follow – uploads are troublesome from this wi fi set up





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