Yellowstone – Grand Tetons and Dubois

A night at Days Inn West Yellowstone was the oddest stay of the trip, checking in at this large franchised chain was a surreal experience, but we got a room and headed out for some dinner eventually. West Yellowstone is not the best place to stop after some 2 weeks on the road. It’s touristy, it’s tacky, it’s expensive, but it has a bookshop and coffee place that’s ok and a nice bar. Anyhow enough of tourist traps lets get to grips with the land before time that is Yellowstone NP. It is vast, it is majestic, shocking, smelly, steamy and teeming with wildlife. You have to park up and walk around the boardwalks to get the full effect. Old Faithful sputtered into life at around 2:45pm + or – 10 minutes as predicted and if you’ve not seen it or any of the other stuff there go now, it’s worth the entrance fee alone just for the steamy mud bubbles. I’d describe it as a primordial theme park. So we drove, parked, walked, gorped, parked walked and marvelled at everything and then some. The visitor centre staff recommended the Grand Teton NP next and as its right next door we had a look at that too. Leaving the Tetons we headed east on 287/28 to Dubois Wyoming which is a great scenic drive to a lovely little town. Call in at the Cowboy Cafe at any time of day for a bite to eat, it’s all good!










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