Big Sky, little white crosses and more shock and awe roads

Last night the forecast was rain, so the morning get up and out was unhurried. Skipped breakfast and got some large cappuccinos at a nearby independent drive thru. Glacier NP and the Road to the Sun awaited and although it was grey and foreboding the rain did not materialise. Route 2 leads us to the park entrance, the road we intended to take to link with 89 is not fully open, but we can do some and then head back to link up with 89 later. So it was a return trip and what a trip. Even the shortened version and grey weather did not disappoint. Being a public holiday a lot of places are either shut or closing early but we found a great breakfast in a place called Hungry Horse and then starved until the evening, but it didn’t matter as route 89 and I15 kept us fully occupied as we drove south towards Helena from Glacier.













On the subject of the little white crosses in the title, each one denotes a fatality on Montana road. Most are singles, a line white cross on a red pole at the roadside, but occasionally there are 2,s 3,s and at one point around 10 or more all in the same spot. A poignant reminder as to how these roads can bite the unwary. Sad but effective and some have little floral tributes, so not a vain attempt to create awareness or keep memories of lost loved ones alive. Tomorrow is Yellowstone which promises more snow. Be careful out there!!


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