Highway 2 West to Montana

Highway 2 was an original objective of the trip, not in it’s entirety but certainly part of. And so it came to pass… And pass and pass. I could go on, suffice to say there are many passes that climb or skirt mountains as we journey eastwards. Leaving Washington State, the Idaho panhandle takes about 40 miles and then it’s Montana. A few small towns after Spokane, river valleys and gentle climbing up towards Kalispell. Sandpoint Idaho brought our first tangle with the law but it was only a minor traffic violation, parking with the traffic flow direction soon sorted it out. So tonight we winter in Kalispell before heading out to Glacier National Park and the Going to the Sun Road. When we get out on the east side we connect with the 89 which takes us all the way to Yellowstone, Old Faithful and Yogi Bear. Bleak photo day as it has been mainly grey and wet.






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