Seattle, Grunge, and Jimi Hendrix

Today we awoke to glorious sunshine, nothing unusual as its been good weather almost all of the trip do far. But we are in Seattle where it rains for around 230 days out of 365! A trip up the Space Needle which is 50 years old this year is fun, but the building next door is the EMP, built with what looks like cut offs from the Boeing Aircraft factory in all sorts of swoopy shapes it just finds amazing photo opportunities wherever you look. We took a Duck tour around the city with a very camp Duck Captain which was really funny. Highly recommend doing this if you are into off beat history and disco. It really is funny. Lunch at a shared table in a bar with some lovely people from Florida who originated in Cuba capped a great day in a vibrant and culturally rich city. We’ll be back for more. Mid afternoon and we started out for Glacier and Montana so East out of Seattle using route 2 which takes in the Cascade Mountains. The trouble with this type if trip is that once you think you’ve seen it all, it goes and ups the scale. Surely we have seen everything? Nope Montana next – prepare to be awesomised again ….















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