Boise Idaho to Sweet Home – not the Lynyrd Skynrd one !

Jeeps are amazing, built for American roads they just take it all. There… Commercial over and back to the trip.

So today in a new vehicle which is about 30% larger than the Kia we left Boise Idaho and its famous potatoes and headed towards Oregon. As we drove we had tears in our eyes, not at leaving Idaho, but due to a truck load of onions in front of us.

Eventually we parted company and headed into the country and the State Line. On entering Oregon you notice a difference, it’s not a money thing, they look the same at the border but it feels different and as you close in on the coast via the mountains it just feels different. Great roads, some interesting eating places in small towns like Unity and its El Dorado Ditch Restaurant where 20 people now live and only 4 have jobs. The highlight of the year there is the annual Rat Shoot which draws in hunting teams from miles around who drink beer and shoot rats for prizes. Mitchell which has more people but seemingly less going on has survived floods, fires and population drift but still it hangs on. From here on it was up hill into real snow and clouds in the mountains as we head towards the coast. We found ourselves in Sweet Home, it’s got a lake and a restaurant plus a tiny motel. Visit the lake and the restaurant !












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