Falls, Summits,Snow and Falling Rocks terminate a wheel

Today started well, a great breakfast at Connors Cafe after our first night in Idaho. A drive to Shoshone Falls and then up into the mountains for Galena Summit and then a gentle tour down to Boise for an overnight before heading on to Oregon next morning. It all went very well until the descent from the mountains. A long and winding road with warnings about critters crossing, falling trees, snow chains, avalanche areas and rogue rocks detaching themselves randomly from the mountain sides. About 40 miles from safety a stray boulder about the size of a large shoe box arrived on the road at exactly the same time as our right front wheel occupied the same piece of tarmac. One trashed alloy wheel and tyre a big bang and a rapid stop to assess the damage. Luckily the car itself was ok and so were we apart from a little shock. We pulled over, put on the space saver wheel with some help from a passing driver and then continued to our destination much slower. Avis sorted out the issue very quickly. We now have a very cool Jeep Grand Cherokee with all the options in place of the Kia Sportage. All in all a good day but the incident pulled the mood down a little. We are safe and sound despite it all and looking forward to the next phase on the west coast.











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