West coast road trip part II

Excellent part 2 , if only more people would tell travel tales like this, so much better than stuffy guidebooks

Sun and Glory

i have lived in LA for almost ten years and i have never driven north of san luis obispo, and never north of santa clarita on the 5. now, that’s just crazy.

 for the drive home,i was researching if i should take the 1-5 or route-99 . people online claimed the 5 was a boring drive…but clearly these people have never driven on 1-65 in indiana in the middle of winter! i found the 5 to be quite lovely. sure, it is flat and a bit mundane, but that was sort of a relief after driving through curvy mountain freeways.  i am a bit of a grandma on curvy roads, especially when it is raining. pretty much everyone passed me that shared the freeway with me.

the drive north i did in two days only stopping in sacramento for the night. luckily my hotel was right by the historic district…

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