Route 89 South to North

Discovered this road this morning while browsing the maps and decided to look at what if offers, the funny thing is that when I started to trace the route I found that we had already travelled quite a large section back in 2008 without even registering its importance or possibilities, Basically its a 2 lane highway that goes from Mexico in the south to Canada in the north, and takes in some of the most spectacular sights, terrain and a lot of National Parks in the process.

Route 89 takes you through just about everywhere it seems

Really looking forward to getting out here and finding some of the hidden gems in just a few weeks from now.

2 Replies to “Route 89 South to North”

  1. Thanks for the post. I live close to 89 here in Logan. Never thought much about it. Now I want to drive the whole length!


    1. Nothing like some local know how, our road trip will take us through your neck of the woods sometime after 14th May if you’d like to show us around Andrew!


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