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A picture every 3 hours 2015

The great 2015 expedition from west Coast USA up to British Columbia in Canada ¬†featured some new tricks this time. Firstly a picture from wherever we are every day every 3 hours starting at 09:00am local time and ending whenever the last 3 hour block is at an appropriate stop point. Then I plan to put in some video sections of places to show what its like in the best (and worst) places that crop up along the route. I have feeling that the first nights stop over may well be the worst, but it’s only 1 night and Stockton … Continue reading A picture every 3 hours 2015

To The North

After taking a break from annual road trips the welcome return is now in progress. We’ve covered Canada’s western side and the Rockies in previous years, Canada brings a warm glow, it’s a place that works really well without having to stress about anything much. To me it always feels like nothing will happen quickly, but whatever it is will get done very well given a reasonable amount of time. So it’s Newfoundland, Labrador, Montr√©al, Quebec and some coastal island hopping. As our preferred air carrier doesn’t stop anywhere nearby we will fly to Boston and then travel up via … Continue reading To The North

Meanwhile back in the UK

All is turmoil and angst , nothing much is happening due the holiday season and the totally inept government activity regarding Brexit. Thinking about the European Union, well its not perfect but its able to change if there is an element that influences it from within. By leaving it Britain loses that insider influence and will just end up outside doing its own thing and being poorer as a result. So it seems the world is in flux at the moment. But here’s the thing it’s not usually governments that change things for the better, its the people who change … Continue reading Meanwhile back in the UK

The Grapes of Wrath

It was this very book that started my fascination with the USA, the Vietnam war was in full swing, there were demonstrations at the US Embassy in London and I was still at school in my mid teens full of emotion, confusion and not a little anger at how life was for the world. Communism, the Cold War, Violent terrorism and far away wars in places that really didn’t seem to deserve what was being done to them. Someone handed me a copy and I devoured it. It covered a period perhaps only 20 or so years previously to where … Continue reading The Grapes of Wrath